Right Now   Jonah - A City, A Creature, A Gourd, A Life      
Family A family-based ministry that seeks to restore the biblical roles of families.
Church Times Join us for one of our two services each Sunday morning
Location We are in west Fort Worth, just off Camp Bowie and 820
  • Community

    Community Care

    Our surrounding community is very important to us! As followers of God, our presence makes our homes, families, neighborhoods and communities a better place to live.  God blesses the areas in which His people live out His Word.  He also blesses the individuals we interact with as we put His Word into action.  As part of the Journey, you will be encouraged and equipped to make an eternal impact in your community.  More

  • Worship


    Worshipful Hearts

    The main reason we gather together as a group of believers is to worship our God.  Nothing pleases our creator more than when we praise and worship Him for simply being our God!  At each of our services, we will sing out and worship our God through singing, praying, and the preaching of God's Word.  A great way to relieve the stress of everyday life is to pause for awhile and allow your spirit to connect with God's Spirit while worshipping him with fellow believers.

  • Fellowship


    Fellowship is a great word.  It implies many things.  However the most important part of Fellowship is knowing that you can connect with other people.  We view our church as a family and regulary take the time to get to know one another better through picnics, activities and other social events.  We also have a time of fellowship each Sunday morning from 9:30 to 10:00 AM.  We love to chat, drink coffee, eat a donut and just encourage one another during this time.  If you are in need of a little fellowship, join us at The Journey!

  • Newsletter


    Weekly Newsletter

    Hot off the press, straight from the desk of Pastor Foster, his weekly newsletter helps keep all members of The Journey Church informed. To subscribe just submit your name and email address below.